Savory Living - Make Healthy Eating Happen!

Discover how to eat right for you.
Turn it into an easy lifestyle that you enjoy!

  • Lose harmful belly fat
  • Eliminate digestive issues
  • Improve energy and sleep
  • Reduce inflammation & joint pain
  • Improve thyroid, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure
  • Enjoy eating healthy foods (gluten/dairy-free, allergies, all types)


Have you tried diets, meal plans and other interventions only to find that they work at first but weren't sustainable long-term? Maybe they were too rigid, you got bored with the food, or they failed to deliver the larger promise of you figuring out a flexible and easy way to eat that you enjoy and fits into your life. Savory Living’s Eat to Feel GREAT 10-week experience provides an easy way to discover how to eat right for you and teaches the food science, and the eating + cooking skills you need to turn it into an enjoyable, flexible and sustainable lifestyle.

"This is my story - I know first hand the power of food. My mission is to make 1 million lives better by helping people eat to take charge of their health, and master the food + cooking skills they need to turn it into an enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle!  It really is possible - you just need an easy way to get there. I invite you to join me - together we can change the world!"

- Sue Levy, Founder



Our approach to lasting behavior change

Unlock the power of food...

  • Discover how to eat right for you
  • Know the science behind healthy eating
  • Understand why you should eat more of some foods and less of others (rather than just being told what to eat)
  • Discover which foods work better for you. Learn how to eat to achieve your goals

Turn knowledge into easy action

  • Get inspired to make small, easy changes each week
  • Master simple, fast cooking techniques and use world flavors to create variety and make healthy food taste great
  • Learn time-saving skills and easy actions to fit it into your life and eat well anywhere
  • Create new habits that stick


Our 10-week program will get you there

Feel the real difference it makes when you eat right for you. Get the skills and experience you need to turn it into an easy and flexible lifestyle that you enjoy! Here’s how:

♦ On-demand 10-week Curriculum

Fits your schedule. Start anytime, pause for vacation and life events. Runs on any device. You set your pace.

♦ Nutrition Science + Cooking Skills

Get inspired to make small, easy changes each week. Learn how to assemble your plate to eat well anywhere, and get the skills to cook + flavor great tasting meals and snacks without recipes (for all levels + eating styles and food sensitivities and allergies)

♦ Smart App + Personal Coach = Easy, Enjoyable Lifestyle

Our program guides you as you discover how to eat right for you.  You'll create new sustainable behaviors that achieve your goals and fit how you like to eat and live.  In just three simple actions each week (watch class + cooking content, pick three actions, get support from your coach) you'll create a healthy eating lifestyle that's flexible, enjoyable and works for you!


Together we're making one million lives better!

- results -


"In just 7 weeks I have lost 7 lbs. I have no more migraines and my digestion and stomach issues have improved so much. I feel healthier, happier and am sleeping better!"
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"I thought it was going to be hard, but it was easy to do. I made small changes each week and the recipes and cooking ideas and videos are useful, easy and delicious. I have reached outside my comfort zone and tried foods that I have never eaten before and found that I actually enjoy them!"
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Watch and share our Tips To Eat To Feel Great Now  video!

  • Easy tips to eat to reduce inflammation
  • Avoid common food traps
  • Assemble your plate to eat well anywhere

Ready to be one of the million?