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This is my story. I want to put the power of food into your hands. I believe we can change the world by helping people get the knowledge and skills to take control of how they eat to improve how they feel forever.   
- Sue Levy, Founder


Solve it once and for all.

How you eat matters - it impacts how you feel and the diseases and conditions you experience.  The good news is that the evidence is clear - make healthy, anti-inflammatory eating happen and you'll achieve your ideal weight, have better energy, and get relief from inflammatory conditions like: digestive issues, headaches, migraines, and joint pain. The hard part is knowing what to do and getting it to happen in busy modern life. Diets don't work, someone else can't tell you what to do - you need to be the one in control knowing how to eat, and having the confidence to eat well anywhere.  That's where we come in.

The power in your hands.

Join us on our 10-session Eat Right for Me program and you'll:

  • Take control. Understand the why behind healthy eating, and learn how to put the recommendations from the scientific and medical community into practice in your life to solve what you care most about.
  • Have fun in the kitchen. Learn the simple and fast cooking techniques, use world flavors to make healthy food taste great, move beyond recipe cooking, and confidently assemble meals and snacks (that appeal to even the pickiest of eaters). Sample a Cooking Video and Recipe
  • Fit it into your life. Include the foods you love, and get it to work for how you like to eat (preferences, allergies, sensitivities) and live (eat out, cook, travel). Leave with a personalized lifestyle that works for you.

Runs On-Demand. On Any Device

Start anytime, go through as slowly or as quickly as you like

Web App + Personal Coach

Moves you through our proven 10-session curriculum and guides you to make gradual changes each week. Spend less than an hour a week - watch session videos, pick actions, try new foods, and work with your coach to tinker and get it right for you.

Personalized to YOU

One size doesn't fit all. You'll learn how to make healthy eating happen in a way that achieves your goals, and fits how you like to eat and live.  You solve that and you're set for life.

FSA and HSA eligible


It's possible. You got this.

- results



"I knew I needed to eat better and that I needed to lose weight - but like the hundred other times I have tried to make positive changes, I felt like the time wasn't right (too busy, too difficult to figure out what I am supposed to do).  BUT - a friend was joining so I signed up. I was surprised to learn that I just had to listen to a class a week and try to do just three things out of a list of several options. It wasn’t about deprivation and the usual “how you lose weight” stuff.  It is all about applying the science of how to eat to your life. I get to eat what I like and my family was eating better because I was eating better. I started sleeping better and was less tired during the day. After the 10 weeks I lost 13 pounds and even better is that I have learned how to eat better and know that I will continue to eat this way for the rest of my life. Since the program ended I have continued to lose weight and I have lost almost 30 lbs." - Lisa S.
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"I’ve had eating and weight issues my entire life. I’ve tried other programs like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, with some success, but I never had the ‘aha’ moments I had with the Savory Living program. What is so different is that it focuses on your health (not just losing weight) and it shares scientific information in a way that's understandable, logical and actionable. The information sticks in your head so it's easy to make good choices. Not only am I taking off weight (16 lbs), but I feel better, have more energy, sleep better, and know I can sustain the lifestyle changes the program taught me.” - Helen O.
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"I find myself feeling like I now know the secret to health and vitality and weight loss. The combination of the nutrition, coaching, and cooking is what makes this an achievable life long change in my diet. What I didn’t know is the healthy foods I was eating were not healthy for me! Now I know what I can and cannot eat and this knowledge is power. For the first time in a LONG time I am in control of my health and my appearance. Best news of all, I am finally free of the nagging migraine headaches I have had for the past 37 years. And It is now 3 months since I finished the program and I have continued to lose weight. I am down 25 lbs!!" - Stephanie T.
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