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Align your eating with your health goals

Align your eating with your
health goals

Eat well and feel better

Eat well and feel better

Enjoy nutritious and delicious food

Enjoy nutritious and delicious food

Feed yourself and your family well

Feed yourself and your family well

A personalized approach to match your tastes and lifestyle

A personalized approach to match your tastes and lifestyle

You can – and should – have it all

Whether you're living with a health condition, or are interested in experiencing how great you can feel eating more healthy, nutrient-rich foods – we've been there, and are fired up to help you discover great tasting food and lifestyle tips to shift how you eat to move beyond a "diet" and make healthy eating a delicious daily practice. 

Eat well and feel better 

Discover how to eat well for YOU. Make your healthy eating goals a reality. Contact us for a free consultation >>

What Our Clients Say

Sue Levy offers some of the most informative, educational, and exciting nutrition and health education programs I have attended. Whether speaking before a group of 10 or 100, Sue's dynamic teaching style, blending science with practicality, keeps audiences engaged from start to finish.

- Lynne Karsten, MPH
Director of Community Health, Brookline, MA

Savory Living has enhanced my life and relationship with food. As a busy mom, we used to eat out six days a week. I now prepare more fresh foods quickly in a fraction of the time.

- Lisa T. in Brookline, MA

Thank you Savory Living! I just returned from the Jolsin diabetes center and my doctors and I are THRILLED with my results.

- Lester G. in Cambridge, MA

Working with Savory Living has changed my outlook on nutrition and food. I’m no longer on a 'diet'; I'm on a path of eating well and nourishing my body for life. Thank you!

- Lisa A. in Natick, MA

This class changed my life. I have celiac disease, and after working with Savory Living, I was able to choose and cook foods that were healthy and gluten-free!!!

- Ruthie S. in Boston, MA

OMG!!! My kids ate roasted sweet potatoes, sauteed broccoli rabe with sausage, chopped veggie salad with your balsamic dressing, and--this is the craziest part--they are now eating a plate of kale massaged with olive oil and salt. Nothing else. YOU ARE MY HERO!!! I started making dinner around 4:30, and we were eating by 5:15. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

- Lisa G. in Cambridge, MA


Discover how
to eat well for YOU

Discover how to eat well for you.

Learn the latest scientific recommendations on nutrition and experience how different foods impact your body.

Create a sustainable approach to eating that supports your goals and fits your tastes and lifestyle.


Enjoy great tasting,
healthy foods

Healthy food

Learn how to create tasty, nutrient-rich meals – quickly, easily and without recipes.

Connect with your “inner health chef” – prepare delicious vegetables, grains, beans, and healthy proteins that you and your family will love.


Realize YOUR
Health Goals

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