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The Proven "Eat to Feel GREAT" Program

10 sessions, 1 online program that will improve how you eat and feel forever!

Learn how to choose the right nutrient-rich foods – and why it matters. Discover how to use “world flavors” to have fun in the kitchen and create delicious, healthy, exciting meals without recipes. Change the way you eat in small steps, feel the real difference it makes, and get the personalized coaching support you need to create a personalized approach that's flexible, enjoyable and sustainable.

Eat to Feel GREAT is a proven behavior change program based on leading nutrition science and best practices. It’s not a restrictive, complicated fad diet. It’s a simple, flexible, customized, and comprehensive approach to changing habits and creating a personalized approach to eating well for life.

With Eating to Feel GREAT, you can enjoy delicious foods, reduce inflammation, lose belly fat, cut health risks, improve digestion, gain energy, and feel better!

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What Our Clients Say

You need to run this program at your company. Across the country our employees are enjoying getting fit and feeling healthier. This program is changing lives and is one of the reasons we won the Boston Business Journal's Healthiest Employer award.

- Larry O'Toole, founder and CEO Gentle Giant Moving Company

This program changed my life! I lost 15 lbs, my blood pressure lowered, and my cholesterol numbers have dropped 33 points. And I've never felt better!!

- Marilyn L. 

Thank you Savory Living! I just returned from the Jolsin diabetes center and my doctors and I are THRILLED with my results.

- Lester G. 

I’ve had eating and weight issues my entire life. I’ve tried other programs like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, with some success, but I never had the ‘aha’ moments I had with the Savory Living program. What is so different is that it focuses on your health (not just losing weight) and it shares scientific information in a way that's understandable, logical and actionable. Not only am I taking off weight, but I feel better, have more energy, sleep better, and know I can sustain the lifestyle changes the program taught me

- Helen O. 

Working with Savory Living has changed my outlook on nutrition and food. I’m no longer on a 'diet' - I'm on a path of eating well and nourishing my body for life. Thank you!

- Lisa A. 

This class changed my life. I have celiac disease, and after working with Savory Living, I was able to choose and cook foods that were healthy and gluten-free!!!

- Ruthie S. 

I am an endocrinologist, and I was extremely impressed with the scientific grounding of the program. The classes are engaging, clear, and easy to follow and assimilate into daily life.  Even now, after it ended,  as I juggle a career and a family with two young children, I have sustained the healthy eating and cooking habits I learned!

- Katherine G, MD 

I have tried gluten-free diets, dairy-free diets, and no-carb diets, but nothing helped me understand and improve my overall health like this course.

- Rachel D 

I joined the program and learned how I should eat, not what I should eat. I made small shifts day by day, week by week and because of this the results, the impact was big: I no longer have afternoon dip in my day, I function better on the little sleep I get, and I look good and feel good!

- Jillian W 

I highly recommend Savory Living for a nutrition program at your company – the sessions were engaging and our employees left each class inspired and ready to make changes to how they ate.

- Aimee Sprung Microsoft 

I'm interested in nutrition and try to stay up to date on the latest recommendations, but the volume of information is overwhelming. This course was great! The nine online classes changed the way I think about food, how I eat, and what I'm eating! It was worth every penny.

- Brenda S 

I'm an Internal Medicine Physician and I took the Eating Well for YOU program. It was a terrific experience and I recommend it to ALL of my patients. It teaches you a wonderfully sustainable lifestyle approach - it's balanced, doable, and firmly based in science.  

- Annie B, MD 

Sue Levy offers some of the most informative, educational, and exciting nutrition and health education programs I have attended. Whether speaking before a group of 10 or 100, Sue's dynamic teaching style, blending science with practicality, keeps audiences engaged from start to finish.

- Lynne Karsten, MPH. Director of Community Health, Brookline, MA

Savory Living has enhanced my life and relationship with food. I now prepare more fresh foods in a fraction of the time.

- Lisa T. 

OMG!!! My kids ate roasted sweet potatoes, sauteed broccoli rabe with sausage, chopped veggie salad with your balsamic dressing, and--this is the craziest part--they are now eating a plate of kale massaged with olive oil and salt. Nothing else. YOU ARE MY HERO!!! I started making dinner around 4:30, and we were eating by 5:15. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

- Lisa G. 


Discover How Great You Can Feel When You Eat Right for YOU!

I did it - you can too! Discover what thousands have - you can improve your health and feel great just by making some small shifts to how you eat. Hear my personal story and learn about our 10-week personalized program to help you turn healthier eating into an easy, flexible and rewarding lifestyle.

Boost your Nutrition IQ

Discover how to eat well for you.

Learn the latest scientific recommendations on nutrition and understand how different foods impact your body, your moods and your overall health. Learn more >

Eat Better - ANYWHERE

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Learn how to assemble your plate to eat well anywhere.  For those who like to cook - you'll learn how to create delicious, diverse, exciting, and nutrient-rich meals - quickly, easily, and without recipes. Learn more >

Love how you eat AND feel

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Personalize how you eat to achieve your health goals and feel GREAT now! Get the food ideas, meal planning tools, and personalized coaching to turn eating right for YOU into an enjoyable, flexible and sustainable lifestyle. Learn more >