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Interested in eating and cooking healthier food to...

  • Improve your family’s health and well-being
  • Lose weight, feel better and have more balanced energy during the day?
  • Manage a health condition - like celiac disease, diabetes, MS, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer?
  • Savor gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian or allergy specific eating?
  • Experience how great you feel eating well, and meet others who share your interest?
  • Confidently prepare healthy and delicious meals – quickly and without recipes?

We believe that once you experience how good you feel eating healthy, great-tasting natural foods, you’ll want to do it more often.

Integrating healthy eating into your daily life means shifting how you think about food, and your habits around how you feed yourself and your family. It requires education, skill development and practice.

Let us help you learn a new language – the language of healthy eating, through our health coaching. Once you become fluent, you'll be able to make good food decisions - quickly and effortlessly, wherever you eat.

Join our live online healthy eating and cooking classes.  All you need is access to a computer with an internet connection and a phone.

Eating Well for You | from Savory Living and Sue Levy

Eating Well for YOU Program

Make healthy eating happen.  Join our proven effective behavior change program, attend the nine sessions and pick up the nutrition info and food ideas you need to turn healthy eating into a delicious and rewarding daily practice.

Learn how to:

  • Make informed choices. Learn the latest scientific evidence around how to eat to promote health, and learn how different foods impact your body
  • Move beyond "a diet." Master practical skills to avoid "pitfalls," create new habits and build an enjoyable and sustainable approach to eating well
  • Simplify and succeed. Learn natural food preparation techniques to create tasty, nutrient-rich meals – quickly, easily and without recipes
  • Activate and sustain. Set a plan, create goals, track your progress and succeed

Our curriculum (9 sessions) was created to help you make lasting positive change to how you eat and how you feel. The classes combine practical nutrition information with the food selection and cooking/flavoring skills you need to make healthier eating happen.  

Join our live online healthy eating classes.  All you need is access to a computer with an internet connection and a phone.

You'll leave each class informed, and inspired to "crowd in" healthier foods.  Between each health coaching session you can try out the tips, watch the cooking videos and practice the food preparation techniques and recipes.  

A sample of some of our class topics:

Making Healthier Eating Happen - Learn three practical shifts to align how you eat with what the scientific and medical community recommends.  Set your individual plan and track your results.  Food topic: fast meal and snack assembly, and learning what chefs know about how to flavor food so you can move beyond "recipe cooking" and create delicious meals and snacks quickly.

Eat Real, Nutrient-rich Food - Build a stronger, healthier you. Eat to pull in the nutrients your body needs to run well. Food topic:  dark leavy greens - why they are important, and quick and delicious ways to prepare and crowd them into your day.

Sugar and "Proportion" Control - Learn the connection between sugar and health.  Learn how to evaluate packaged foods and natural foods, and how to eat to keep your daily consumption within the recommended levels. Food topic: Stove top vegetables - quick ideas for how to easily create light, bright, delicious flavors with all kinds of vegetables. 

Inflammation and Health - Understand the connection between inflammation and disease.  Learn how to spot the warning signs and tips for how to eat and live to reduce inflammation.  Food topic: Oven roasted vegetables - quick ideas for how to easily create rich, delicious flavors with all kinds of vegetables. 

And there's more.....

Join us!  Classes start at $35 a session. 

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“Good food decisions made easy” topic classes

Interested in a particular topic? Schedule a private session with a health coach and natural foods chef. Spend 2 hours increasing your fluency in nutrition and healthy food preparation - and enjoy eating the foods you create!

Sample topics include:
Savory Living - Healthy Eating
Savory Gluten-free Eating
Savory Dairy-free Eating
Savory Vegetarian Eating
Savory Vegan Eating
Savory Allergy Specific Eating
Savory Weight Loss
Savory Healthy Kids
Savory Grains
Savory Vegetables
Savory Sauces and Flavoring Principles

You decide - let us know a topic you're interested in and we'll set it up!

Healthy Eating for Healthy Living - tune up session

Have a health concern or question? Looking for some ideas on how to spice up your cooking? Schedule a consultation - we'd love to help "jump start" your healthy eating efforts with wellness coaching from Savory Living!