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“You need to run this program at your company.   All across the country the Giants are enjoying getting fit and feeling healthier.  This program is changing lives and is one of the reasons we won this award.”

— Larry O'Toole, Founder and CEO of Gentle Giant Moving Company named "Healthiest Employer 2015" by the Boston Business Journal

“I’ve had eating and weight issues my entire life. I’ve tried other programs like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, with some success, but I never had the ‘aha’ moments I had with the Savory Living program. What is so different is that it focuses on your health (not just losing weight) and it shares scientific information in a way that's understandable, logical and actionable. The information sticks in your head so it's easy to make good choices. Not only am I taking off weight, but I feel better, have more energy, sleep better, and know I can sustain the lifestyle changes the program taught me.”

— Helen O.

“I highly recommend Savory Living to anyone interested in improving their health or the health of their organization.  The curriculum is fantastic.  It exposes you to the nutrition science and gives you simple, easy to remember strategies, and tangible food ideas you need to eat differently.”

— Jeff Karp, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School

“I joined the program and learned how I should eat, not what I should eat.  

I made small shifts day by day, week by week and because of this the results, the impact was big:  I no longer have afternoon dip in my day, I function better on the little sleep I get, and I look good and feel good!”

— Jillian W.

“This program changed my life! I've learned a new approach to eating that has become a lifestyle that keeps me healthy and tastes great too! And it's totally do-able - the combination of the weekly class, the recipes and cooking videos and personalized support was terrific!”

— Karen A.

“As a self-proclaimed “foodie” I can’t speak highly enough about Savory Living’s Program. What makes the course so unique is that you not only learn the science of nutrition but you learn how to cook and enjoy eating new healthy foods!”

— Barbara A.

“If you are looking to make healthy-eating delicious and easy, take this course. The program literally changed the way I cook for my family. No matter what type of food you like, you learn how to create the flavor profile to satisfy your craving! I can make kale and quinoa feel like an appetizing Italian meal, and kelp noodles, raw cashews and red pepper taste like pad-thai!  I have tried gluten-free diets, dairy-free diets, and no-carb diets, but nothing helped me understand and improve my overall health like this course.”

— Rachel D 

“I am a physician specializing in endocrinology, and I was extremely impressed with the scientific grounding of the program. The program is engaging, clear, and easy to follow and assimilate into daily life.  Even now, after it ended,  as I juggle a career and a family with two young children, I have easily been able to sustain the healthy eating and cooking habits I learned!”

— Katherine G.

“I highly recommend Savory Living for a nutrition program at your company – the sessions were engaging and our employees left each class inspired and ready to make changes to how they ate."

— Aimee Sprung - Microsoft


(Employee quotes from a pilot run at Fortune 15 Company)

“This program was amazing! I learned so much about how food affects my body and health, how foods are processed within my system and which foods are better for me than others. I notice a big difference when I go from eating well to not being able to. The best part is that it's not a diet - it is learning to eat and prepare healthy meals."  

"I thought the program was great. I learned so much and have started making better decisions when eating - especially when I eat out and on the road.”
"I loved learning how to read labels and cut thru all the marketing."
"I learned a lot about HOW to eat. I've increased my intake of vegetables and am not reaching for the processed food. I am making better choices and enjoying it!"
"I have reached outside my comfort zone and tried foods that I have never eaten before and found that I actually enjoy them."
"The recipes and cooking ideas and videos are super useful, easy and delicious!"
"A complete 180 with regard to how I feel physically. I am no longer experiencing acid reflux - I don't have to take any medication (was taking it daily). My daily sugar #s have markedly reduced. My fasting sugar was down to "normal" - it hasn't been that way for years. My A1C at the program start was 8.2, now it's 5.8!"
"I experience far less negative digestive symptoms and am less bloated and lost 15 lbs."

“The Savory Living program surpassed my expectations. It is one of the best courses I've taken. It not only covers useful nutrition information and food even covers suggestions to reduce stress.  I had thought I was eating well since I didn't have many fried or junk foods but after taking the class I am now eating in a much healthier manner...more vegetables, less processed foods (checking those ingredient labels), less unhealthy carbohydrates, etc. I learned about and now use quick cooking and flavoring techniques that I didn't even know existed.

Sue is smart, passionate about nutrition, compassionate, and very well organized. I was amazed at the personal feedback I received from my coach to my food log and prompt responses to my many questions.”

— Marilyn B 

“I am an Internal Medicine physician who just completed the program. It was a terrific experience and one I would recommend to ALL of my patients. I am walking away with a great deal more knowledge and with many practical skills that will help me continue to implement all that I have learned. 

The Savory Living approach is balanced, doable, and firmly based in science. I deeply respect Savory Living's commitment to staying up to date on all of the newest research in the field of Nutrition.

Most importantly, the changes I have made have positively impacted my life. I have more energy, my cravings have changed, and I feel I am taking better care of myself all around. This is a wonderfully sustainable model, because there is no sense of deprivation. The recipes are delicious--flavorful and satisfying--and the recommendations so sensible. Thank you, Savory Living!”

— Annie B

“I was at my wits end when I found Savory Living. I spent years unsuccessfully trying to figure out how to get relief from my multiple stomach issues. 

This program changed my life!  The combination of the weekly class, the recipes and cooking videos and the personalized support was terrific.  I've learned a new approach to eating that has become a lifestyle that I really enjoy. 
And I've never felt better!  I lost 15 lbs, my blood pressure is lower, and my cholesterol numbers have dropped 33 points!  My goals were met in just three months - success!  Thank you so much - I could not have done it without you!"

— Marilyn L

Update - "It's now been 3 months since I completed the program and my weight is down 25 lbs and I am no longer on my blood pressure medication!"

“I am interested in nutrition and try to stay up to date on the latest thinking and health recommendations, but the sheer volume of information out there is overwhelming. The Savory Living program was great. Sue Levy is very knowledgeable and presented a ton of nutritional information and cooking concepts in a well organized manner. The ten online classes changed the way I think about food, how I eat, and what I'm eating! It was worth every penny.”

— Brenda S

“Savory Living's course has enhanced my life and relationship with food. As a busy mom, we use to eat out 6 days a week. I now prepare more fresh foods and it doesn't take me any longer. I've learned some amazing ways to prepare in advance as well as some short-cuts so I can now whip-up healthy and tasty meals in minutes. I'm personally obsessed with dark leafy greens (crowding them in every day) and enjoying them. Dinner now is fun family adventure. We still eat out from time to time but we are more discriminating when ordering and prefer to eat at home. Thank you Savory Living! You have sincerely changed my life and inspired me to continue to make positive choices.”

— Lisa T  

“I just returned from the Joslin diabetes center and I had to tell you that I made my doctors as well as myself THRILLED.

I have been fighting diabetes and weight problems for years. Since I can remember I have attempted every diet every new gimmick to help me control my weight. Each and every one of them worked for a short time and after each one I gained back the weight and added ten more pounds. I really believe that had I not started on weight loss programs. I would have been 70 pounds lighter.

In January of this year my doctor called me in and told me that my A1C and protein were extremely high and that I would have to go on pills to control the diabetes. My life changed not for the good at that point. My blood chemistry numbers were close to heart attack and that probably would have been the least of my medical issues.

Then I joined the Savory Living program. I believe that the information, guidance, encouragement and techniques are responsible for the following:

  • Weight down 27 pounds
  • Triglycerides from over 800 to 152
  • Cholesterol from 318 to 138
  • A1C from 6.8 to 6.0 – that really makes the doctors thrilled

I have accomplished this while eating out 5 nights a week, Savory Living taught me how to make better choices.

Thank you Savory Living!”

Update 4/5/2012: “It is now 2 years since I completed the program and I am down 60 lbs and not on any medication to manage my diabetes and high cholesterol my A1c is 5.7. And I love how I'm eating. Thank you Savory Living!”

— Lester G (who crowds in the Green and Beans)  

“I am now cooking and eating in a much more healthful manner and have learned new cooking methods to boot. Who knew? Well- everyone should know, and should learn the most up-to-date science behind making better food choices AND how to cook really delicious nutrient rich meals.

Physically I feel more energetic, and I’m preparing, and more importantly enjoying, a whole new variety of foods that I wasn’t eating before. There’s nothing more important than investing in your own health. Do not hesitate, this is not only really fun, but it’s good for you, for your family and the friends you will treat with delicious recipes from Savory Living.”

— Barbara Abramowitz LMHC, LMFT
Psychotherapist and Body-Mind Life Coach

“Now that we are back into the school routine, I thought I would post a recommendation so that others who are overwhelemed, unable to get out of an eating rut, and struggle as I have with feeding my kids (and myself) healthful meals, including making school lunches (ugh), might find some relief.

I took the Savory Living program. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, I got research based information about healthful eating and I expanded greatly my eating and cooking repertoire. I learned how to prepare delicious healthy foods, and how to make lots of good choices easily accessible all the time for me AND my kids.

I took the class last winter into spring, and I am still using the principles I learned. That is the most amazing part. It actually changed my life, seamlessly. Seriously, I cannot recommend this program highly enough! 

— Lisa G

“I had two goals when I signed up with Savory Living.  One was to lose weight in such a manner that I would not regain the weight and the other was to be spoon-fed (pardon the pun) knowledge about what healthy foods to buy and how to prepare them quickly.  All of my goals were met.  In 6 months, I lost 25 and my doctor was very pleased with the results and I've maintained that weight for 6 months now. 

Through the program I learned what and why to eat certain foods and just as importantly how to prepare them in multiple ways.  The best part was that I didn't have to do any research. The classes share nutrition information in an easy to understand and delightful way.  I learned how to make intelligent choices in stores and restaurants.  And I tasted foods (like beans and kale) that I had never eaten before and had no clue how to prepare.  It is novel to find something new that I like and is healthy when prepared to my liking.  The reference materials are excellent.  I do believe I'm able to continue on this path for the rest of my life.  What could be better?”

— Lois L 

“Working with Savory Living has changed my outlook on nutrition and food. I’m no longer on a "diet" — I'm on a path of eating well and nourishing my body for life. Thank you!”

 — Lisa A 

“OMG!!!  My kids ate roasted sweet potatoes, sauteed broccoli rabe with sausage, chopped veggie salad with your balsamic dressing, and--this is the craziest part--they are now eating a plate of kale massaged with olive oil and salt. Nothing else. My three year old declared that we should have this (the kale!!) every day. Also, I love the horseradish hummus, as does my 6 year old, who ate it with a bunch of carrots as well as some other cut up veg.

YOU ARE MY HERO!!! I started making dinner around 4:30, and we were eating by 5:15.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!”

 — Naomi G 

“I have dealt with numerous food allergies and sensitivities for over 30 years.  Then 10 years ago I found out I had Celiac Disease.  My daily eating consisted of all the "gluten free" foods on the market and eating was a chore.

In November of 2012 I had the pleasure of meeting Sue Levy from Savory Living at a Gluten Free Expo and was immediately captivated by her dynamic personality and exuberance for healthy eating.   I truly felt that I would benefit from her Eating Well for YOU program. I could not have been more right!!!  

I had been focused on what I couldn't eat because of my allergies and celiac disease, and eating felt so restrictive.  The program opened my eyes to all the amazing food I could have, and how delicious and nutritious "gluten-free" could be. I took all the processed foods out of my diet and I began eating things that I never had before.  I immediately noticed I had more energy, felt better mentally and in the process of all this healthy eating, I lost 15 pounds  and dropped 2 clothing sizes.  But the best part of it is that I feel free of the restrictions of eating "gluten free". 

It was by far the best money I have ever spent!!!  This program has given me so many wonderful tools for healthy living and eating that I will carry for the rest of my life. It has changed the way I look and eat as well as renewed my enjoyment of eating and cooking.  I now have this wonderful sense of freedom and I look forward to each day that I can find something new to make and enjoy.  It has forever changed my life.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

— Kathy K 

“I heard about Savory Living from a friend of mine at the gym. She was bragging about how she took the program and how her family was now eating foods like kale, quinoa and beans and that they tasted delicious. I always thought of myself as a healthy eater, but I was bored with what I ate and also very insecure about how I cooked. I thought that taking the program would help me mix things up a bit. I did not expect to have a life changing experience, but I did. I have learned what healthy eating really means.

I changed a lot about how and what I cooked for myself and my family. I suffer from migraines, but ever since I started eating like the program recommends - crowding in foods that are full of nutrients and limiting the foods I don't do well with,  I have had significantly fewer headaches and migraines. I also feel better and have much more energy throughout the day to keep up with my 3 kids.

Sue is a dynamic, compassionate, intelligent and informative teacher. I found myself looking forward to each week's class. She breaks everything down so it is easy to understand, helps you understand nutrition and how food works inside your body, and then takes you into her kitchen to demonstrate different ways of cooking and flavoring. 

The food is delicious and I'm motivated to eat well and stay healthy.

I am very thankful that I found Sue and Savory Living.”

— Jodi S 

“My name is Ruth S. And the Savory Living program has changed my life.

I was diagnosed with IBS about a year ago and was having the hardest time with it. I was eating gluten-free, but feeling tired, bloated and moody all the time. So I decided to take charge.

This program not only teaches you how to cook healthy food, it teaches you how to eat the right ones for your body and health issues.

It has been the best gift I have given myself. I feel stronger, healthier and more confident than ever. I feel great!!! Thanks to Savory Living.”

— Ruthie S 

“My experience with Savory Living was both educational and physically beneficial. I was able to evaluate my current eating habits, and identify areas of my diet, (including my attempts at trying to do the right thing - but making the wrong choices), that needed to be shifted. As a result of the program I’m actually eating the right foods, preparing them in the right (and easy) way and making it sustainable.

The Savory Living program makes all this manageable for someone like me who lives with Multiple Sclerosis, and works many hours without a lot of time for cooking. I never had realized how heavy my food choices were making me feel; now I feel great physically, eat well daily and am equipped to sustain these habits.”

— Richard T 

"I was hitting menopause and still carrying around an extra 25 pounds that I just never seem to shed.  I was eating pretty well, but can't stand to diet, and I knew that I really want the next 20-30 years to be good, healthy years.  

This program has been a life changer!  It has given me a whole new perspective and approach to food.  Even though I'm not dieting, I'm losing weight without being hungry all the time - something that never happened on Weight Watchers - and my energy level is up. 

I've learned healthy cooking techniques that are fast, simple, and delicious so that I can incorporate it into my busy schedule.  The food is so delicious that my family loves it and I'm excited that I lost that 25+ pounds that I just assumed would be with me forever!  I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone who is trying to become more healthy!”

— Virigina B 

“I have a long history of high blood pressure and high cholesterol and was using Lipitor as a crutch to allow me to consume foods that were not healthy but tasted good. After developing muscle discomfort I was advised by my primary care physician to get off of this drug and to change my eating habits. I signed up for Savory Living and learned how to eat to successfully lower my blood pressure and my cholesterol. I learned about the kinds of foods I needed to eat more of and ways to reduce the sugar and salt in my diet.  I also learned that healthy foods can actually taste good. 

As I also suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, we eliminated certain groups of food from my diet and then gradually reintroduce them back in one by one to find out what I was allergic to. I feel much better now that I have eliminated what was bothering me.

I found the sessions to be very engaging as each week different nutrient topic and food topic are discussed. Facts are presented in such a manner that your mind could absorb them easily. The recipes and cooking videos helped me prepare delicious healthy foods (who knew I would like collard greens and beans so much?). I feel that working with Savory Living changed my life and was well worth the time and commitment!”

— Toby R 

“During my 5th pregnancy I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. I cried. I felt defeated. I worried about my health and about the health of the baby I was carrying. I wondered how dealing with this disease would affect the rest of my family. Immediately after my diagnosis, the clinic sent me to a class in the diabetes center specifically designed to help expectant mothers with gestational diabetes. I learned how to use a glucose meter and how to track and control my carbohydrate intake and count carbs. I was given menu examples about how to make the “right” choices when eating. I tried it this way with no success. Even though I stayed within my recommended number of carbs (and walked after every meal), my glucose levels remained elevated. I was frustrated and feared the doctor would want me to go on medication, which was not what I wanted.

Savory Living taught me about foods and how they work (or do not work) with our bodies. The information and support taught me how to enjoy eating the right foods and not just cutting back on foods as suggested by the clinic. I was able to explore new recipes that my whole family enjoyed. I felt lighter and more energetic, and I even lost weight while pregnant! My glucose levels remained well within the recommended targets, and I continue to lose weight, feel good, and live a healthy life.

My husband and oldest daughter fight over the last serving of kale when I just stir fry it with garlic, pepper, and olive oil and squeeze a little lemon at the end. My youngest prefers it in soup. I am also known as the best fruit salad and tossed salad maker for family gatherings and we have left several jars of Ben's dressing (Sue's recipe) at people's houses at the end of functions :)”

— Marcia M 

“Savory Living helped me come back into a better way of eating at a time when I was distracted from making good choices. The simple tools of awareness and re-framing were beautifully enhanced by Sue's flair with food choices. This served to wake up a palate that had become mundane through lack of thinking creatively about food. Through honest appraisal of my eating habits and the reasons behind them, we recognized areas where healthier choices could be made. The results were wonderful in regard to the consistent level of energy I began experiencing, new recipes explored and options for wondrous chocolate desserts! Throughout it all, Sue has respected that I wanted to pace things in a way that would allow me to recognize which changes were prompting responses and her encouragement has been a constant for me.”

— Jean S 

“Sue Levy offers some of the most informative, educational, and exciting nutrition and health education programs I have attended. Whether speaking before a group of 10 or 100, Sue's dynamic teaching style, blending science with practicality, keeps audiences engaged from start to finish. The range of topics Sue has presented at workshops and talks demonstrate her considerable expertise in the areas of nutrition, eating well, and how to incorporate both into a busy lifestyle. She translates complex nutrition principles into useful tools and shares easy cooking techniques that help people make wise food decisions. Sue and I have worked together to present several of her talks; she is organized, personable, and a delight to work with.”

— Lynne Karsten, MPH
Director of Community Health, Brookline, MA 

“Savory Living presented a wonderful, eye-opening and informative workshop called, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Nutrition and Healthy Eating During Perimenopause and Menopause and Weren’t Afraid to Ask to a large audience in Wellesley.

Sue’s presentation style was engaging. The audience was mesmerized by the vital information she imparted on sugar consumption, as well as the latest thinking around eating to feel better, reducing inflammation, losing belly fat, maintaining strong bones and managing chronic diseases.

Gauging from the enthusiastic and positive survey responses, the participants were impacted by the workshop and requested a follow-up presentation. We look forward to obliging and learning more about how we can all eat healthier to be healthier.  Thanks Sue and Savory Living!”

— Cheryl Lefman, MA
Community Health Coordinator, Wellesley, MA 

“Thank you so much for an interesting and informational presentation at the JCC Early Learning Center last evening. You provided such good information and a great way to help each of us begin to change our way of working with food to make healthy choices. I have been thinking of color, texture, and additional flavorings as one of the first steps to make better choices and to be more creative with food!

The families who attended were still talking about it at school today. Your message about teaching children how to keep their bodies healthy is valuable, making choices for themselves, and everything in moderation and balance!
Thanks again and our best to you and your family!”

— Myra Perlis
Director JCC Early Learning Center Hingham, MA

“We are the Healthy Villi, a support group for those who must medically live on gluten free diets. With over 900 members and 20 years of experience, we offer highly professional meetings during the year with attendance of up to 1,000 people.

In the past year we have been working closely with Sue Levy and have been very impressed with her work. She has improved our newsletter with her health columns and has become one of our most popular writers.  Her tips and recipes are practical and easy to use.

We offer a series of workshops at our meetings. Sue’s workshops are given with energy and intelligence. She shares a wealth of nutrition and cooking information in a fun and approachable way. She provides great suggestions and tips for how to eat healthy and gluten-free.  Her engaging style and personal experience gives those who are struggling a great sense of hope. 

The surveys after our meetings indicate her workshops as one of the favorites. Sue is a true gift. I am sure you will find that to be the case as well. You are welcome to contact me with any questions.”

— Lee Graham
President, The Healthy Villi

“I am a Physician (Internist) at a Community Health Center. I direct a group of 80 pre-diabetic and diabetic patients who come every Thursday to learn ways to manage their condition by improving their diet, and incorporating exercise in their life. I met Sue Levy in January 2013, when she came to give her "Dark, leafy greens" presentation to my patients.

Sue's class was not only very educational but an eye opener for all of us. We learned about the nutritional value of dark leafy greens and she shared practical food ideas to help us prepare delicious dishes and meals that used vegetables, beans, healthy proteins and fats.

The very first day I met Sue, I signed up for her Savory Living workshop series.  Watching her present to my patients made me realize that as a physician I needed to learn more about nutrition and cooking techniques so I could teach my patients healthy eating and present it to them in a fun and easy way.

Her approach is very thorough and scientific, she uses Harvard's healthy plate as guidance and helps you learn the reasons behind their recommendations for how to eat to support your health and manage disease. Throughout the classes she was open to all participants and guided each one of us to achieve our individual goals.

Sue's classes changed the way I see my kitchen. I used to shy away from cooking, but now I feel confident planning meals for my family, grocery shopping and cooking.

Thanks to Savory Living, cooking and eating has become fun and nutritious for me and for the group of patients that I coach weekly.

I recommend Savory Living with all my heart and with all of my taste buds to everyone I meet!”

— Liliana Roselli-Risal, MD

Hi Sue,

I just wanted to thank you again for coming.  Our patients really enjoyed your presentation.  This week a few of them even told me they bought kale! And they love it!  Next week we will be trying your kale and blue berry shake. Our patients are really excited about that.

So again, thank you so much.  You have such wonderful and accessible ideas in regards to nutrition that really get people motivated and excited about eating healthier.  I hope your business continues to grow and be successful  and that you reach tons of people with your message.

Jasmine and everyone from Comunidad en Accion 

— Brigham and Women's Hospital - Jamaica Plain, MA