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Our Approach

Eat to Feel GREAT

The food you eat matters. It impacts how you feel, how you live, and the health you will experience. Eat well and you'll feel better - it really is that simple. 

Eat more of some foods, and less of others

Eat more of the foods your body needs to run well, and fewer of the ones that are working against you - and you will regain your health and balance. Get the skills you need to assemble delicious healthy meals and snacks - and you'll eat well more often.

One size doesn't fit all

Healthy eating can't be a rigid diet. One size doesn't fit everyone - it needs to work for you. Instead, think of it as a verb, an enjoyable activity that you choose to do daily. For you to stick with it, you need to enjoy how you're eating, be able to confidently and quickly assemble meals and snacks, and experience results.  

Learn how to eat well for YOU

We teach you the nutrition science, food skills, and simple behavior changes you need to eat well and feel better every day.

Healthy cooking with dark leafy greens

Boost your Nutrition IQ - "I get it"

Make informed choices. Learn the latest scientific evidence around how to eat to promote your health, and experience how different foods impact your body.


Healthy cooking with dark leafy greens

Master Food Skills - "I can do it"

Simplify and succeed. Learn natural food preparation techniques to create tasty, nutrient-rich meals and snacks - quickly, easily and without recipes. 


Healthy cooking with dark leafy greens

Experience Results - "I like it"

Our unique curriculum + your personal coach will help you to set a plan, create goals, track your progress and succeed.


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Savory Living Cooking Skills

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“I used to do Weight Watchers, with limited success and I was always hungry.  Since starting Savory Living I have lost 16 lbs. without being hungry and I feeling nourished and strong. The difference is that Savory Living teaches you how to eat. I can eat more food with better nutrition and fewer calories.  And I feel so much better!” 

— Helen O.

“This program changed my life! I've learned a new approach to eating that has become a lifestyle that keeps me healthy and tastes great too! It's totally do-able - the combination of the weekly class, the recipes and cooking videos and personalized support was terrific!”

— Karen A. 

“A complete 180 with regard to how I feel physically. I am no longer experiencing acid reflux - I don't have to take any medication (was taking it daily). My daily sugar #s have markedly reduced. My fasting sugar was down to "normal" - it hasn't been that way for years. My A1C at the program start was 8.2, now it's 5.8!”

“If you are looking to make healthy-eating delicious and easy, take this course. The program literally changed the way I cook for my family. No matter what type of food you like, you learn how to create the flavor profile to satisfy your craving! I have tried gluten-free diets, dairy-free diets, and no-carb diets, but nothing helped me understand and improve my overall health like this course.” 

— Rachel D.

“This program has inspired me to make significant changes in my eating habits, and has improved my health. I wish I knew years ago what I know now! ” 

— Amy B.

“This program was amazing! I learned so much and now make better decisions when I eat - especially when I eat out and on the road.”

— Michael S

“I am a physician specializing in endocrinology, and I was extremely impressed with the scientific grounding of the program. I learned so much. The program is engaging, clear, and easy to follow and assimilate into daily life. Even now, after it ended, as I juggle a career and a family with two young children, I have easily been able to sustain the healthy eating and cooking habits I learned!”

— Katherine G. 

“The best part about this program is it’s not a diet – it is learning to eat and prepare healthy meals. I have reached outside my comfort zone and tried foods that I have never eaten before and found that I actually enjoy them.”

— Doug Z.

“Savory Living has enhanced my life and relationship with food. As a busy mom, we used to eat out six days a week. I now prepare more fresh foods quickly in a fraction of the time.” 

— Lisa T. 

“Working with Savory Living has changed my outlook on nutrition and food. I’m no longer on a "diet" — I'm on a path of eating well and nourishing my body for life. Thank you!”

— Lisa A.