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About Us

Our Mission - make one million lives better!

We want more people eating better and feeling better.  It's clear, if you can make healthy eating happen you can improve your quality of life, and prevent and slow down most of the major diseases of our time. We're passionate about teaching people how to eat well in the real world.

Most people want to eat better, but they lack the knowledge and skills to make it happen

That's where we come in. Savory Living offers a proven online healthy eating + cooking program that inspire people to eat to support their health, and master the nutrition and food skills they need to turn eating well into an enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle.  We combine actionable nutrition information with the food skills and accountability you need to make lasting change.  Give us an hour a week - and you'll discover how to eat well for you and enjoy how easy and delicious it can be - we promise.

Our program runs online, on demand - 24x7, is mobile accessible (from any device), and is FSA and HSA eligible (healthcare reimbursement).  Consumers sign up online and Fortune 500 companies offer it as a wellness perk to their employees. The program has run at companies such as Microsoft, McKesson, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Medtronic, and Gentle Giant Moving Company.

The proven curriculum has a 95% completion rate with 95% of participants recommending the program and 92% achieving behavior change and improvements in key health and quality of life measures.  

Savory Living LLC is a Boston-based company, established in 2011.
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About Our Founder

Fueled by her personal challenges with illness and the rewards of eating well daily, Sue R. Levy has passionately pursued the connection between diet and health for the last several decades. She holds a BA in Psychology from Dartmouth College, is a board-certified holistic health practitioner, and a natural foods chef. She received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, and the Natural Gourmet Institute. 

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