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Turn eating right for you into a fun and sustainable lifestyle!

Have you tried diets, meal plans and other healthy eating products only to find that they work at first, but aren't sustainable. Maybe you get bored with the food, it costs too much, takes too much time, or doesn't work in the real world. Or maybe you've made changes but it hasn't added up to something bigger - you feeling awesome, achieving your goals, enjoying how you're eating, and being able to eat well anywhere - at home and on the go.

That's where we come in.  Our mission is to make one million lives better by offering an easy way to discover how to eat right for you and the skills and habits to turn it into a fun and sustainable lifestyle. Eat to Feel GREAT is a proven behavior change program based on leading nutrition science and best practices. It’s not a restrictive, complicated fad diet. It’s a simple, flexible, customized, and comprehensive approach to changing habits and creating a way to eat well daily that works for you.

It runs online 24x7 from any device. Learn how to choose the right foods for you and discover how to use “world flavors” to have fun in the kitchen and create delicious, healthy, exciting meals and snacks without recipes. Change the way you eat in small steps, feel the real difference it makes, and get the personalized coaching support you need to create a personalized approach that's flexible, enjoyable and sustainable.

What do you get?

  • A proven 10-week lifestyle change program - learn the science behind healthy eating so you understand why you should eat more of certain foods and less of other (rather than just being told what to eat), and pick up the time saving and delicious food skills you need to eat well everywhere. Get inspired to change the way you eat in small steps, feel the difference it makes, and get the personalized coaching support you need to create new habits that are easy, enjoyable and sustainable.
  • Learn how to eat to fuel your body and achieve your goals - create a customized approach that reaches your goals: eat to feel vital and energized, improve energy, lose belly fat (and keep it off), reduce sugar, reduce inflammation, relieve digestive symptoms, and prevent and manage diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.
  • Enjoy eating healthy foods - Learn the easy cooking and flavoring techniques you need to have fun in the kitchen, move beyond recipe cooking, and quickly assemble delicious healthy meals and snacks - wherever you eat. And learn how to use “world flavors” to create variety and appeal to even the pickiest of eaters.  

How does it work?

  • Sign up and start anytime  
  • Runs online, on demand - 24x7, on any device (ability to pause for vacation, life events)
  • Easy actions each week
    • Watch class, try the eating suggestions, and practice the cooking and flavoring techniques
    • Track how you're eating and feeling
    • Get on-going personalized support from your health coach
  • Leave the 10 weeks with your personalized approach and the knowledge and habits you need to sustain your new lifestyle

Program Overview - click the image

What does it cost?

  • Program costs $249 (less than $25 a week)
  • It is FSA and HSA eligible (for those who qualify). See if you qualify >
  • Corporate discounts available

Try it RISK FREE.  If after two weeks you decide it's not for you - you can get a full refund.


I did it - you can too!

Hear my personal story and  how in less than an hour a week you can turn healthier eating into an easy, flexible and rewarding lifestyle. 

Sample a cooking video

Collard Greens Kissed with Dried Cranberries and Garlic

Learn how to quickly cook this nutrient-rich green to delight your taste buds and appeal to even the pickiest of eaters.

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Watch our FREE Tips to Eat to Feel GREAT Video

Watch this engaging 45 min workshop with the founder of Savory Living.  You’ll pick up practical nutrition information and easy, time-saving tips to eat to improve your health, feel great, avoid common food traps, and enjoy getting healthier foods into your day.

Get the practical tips you need to succeed!



Less Than $25 a week

2 Week Risk-Free Trial
After two weeks, if Savory Living isn't for you, we'll issue a full refund


“What I love is this isn't a diet! It’s about making gradual changes that are easy to do. Savory Living SIMPLIFIES healthy eating! Each week another topic is introduced with recipes and videos to help you incorporate it into your life.  I have the support of my personal coach when I need it and I can slow down the program if I need to. It can be tailored to any dietary need.  I recommend this to anyone who thinks eating healthier is hard, unpleasant or takes too much time.” — Jennifer N.

“If you are looking to make healthy eating delicious and easy, take this course. The program changed the way I feed my family. No matter what type of food you like, you learn how to create the flavor profile to satisfy your craving! I have tried gluten-free diets, dairy-free diets, and no-carb diets, but nothing helped me understand and improve my overall health like this course.” — Rachel D.

“The best part about this program is it’s not a diet – it is learning to eat and prepare healthy meals. I have reached outside my comfort zone and tried foods that I have never eaten before and found that I actually enjoy them.” — Doug Z.

“I used to do Weight Watchers, with limited success and I was always hungry.  Since starting Savory Living I have lost 16 lbs. without being hungry and I feeling nourished and strong. The difference is that Savory Living teaches you how to eat.” — Helen O.

“A complete 180 with regard to how I feel physically. I am no longer experiencing acid reflux - I don't have to take any medication (was taking it daily). My sugar was down to "normal" - it hasn't been that way for years. My A1C at the program start was 8.2, now it's 5.8!” — Lester G. 

“This program was amazing! I learned so much and now make better decisions when I eat - especially when I eat out and on the road.” — Michael S.

“I joined the program and learned HOW I should eat, not what I should eat. I made small shifts day by day, week by week and because of this the results, the impact was big:  I no longer have afternoon dip in my day, I function better on the little sleep I get, and I look good and feel good!” — Jillian W.

“As a self-proclaimed “foodie” I can’t speak highly enough about Savory Living’s Program. What makes the course so unique is that you not only learn the science of nutrition but you learn how to cook and enjoy eating new healthy foods!” — Barbara A.