Sue Levy

Sue is a behavior change expert who knows first hand the power of food as medicine. She lives with a rare lung disease and transformed her health and life with food. Her mission is to make 1 million lives better and she created the Savory Living program to put the power of healthy anti-inflammatory eating in your hands.

Foods That Lower Cholesterol – 6 Easy Actions

Interested in learning about the foods that lower cholesterol? Studies show that you can lower your cholesterol numbers by 20-30% just by making some small changes to how you eat and getting an anti inflammatory diet to work for you! Learn the foods that lower cholesterol and the ones that raise it, and get six easy actions you can take to enjoy eating more foods that lower cholesterol and help you feel great!

Foods To Avoid With IBS

broccoli vegetable food healthy

Get relief when you eat to reduce inflammation with these three tips. Ready to take control and manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) with diet? I’ll share the list of foods (below) that have been connected to flare-ups. The challenge is that everyone’s digestion is different, and with IBS some days you can tolerate certain foods …

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