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Create Your Healthy Eating Lifestyle - Learn the Why and How

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  • We teach evidence-based healthy eating recommendations from the scientific and medical community and major health organizations (Harvard School of Public Health, Dash Diet, Mediterranean Diet, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, American Cancer Society).
  • Each session covers a key topic and you spend two weeks applying it to your life (trying new foods) and seeing what works for you!
  • Your private nutrition coach helps you stay motivated, tackle challenges and reach your goals.


  • Join Sue in her kitchen to get inspired learn all the fast and easy healthy cooking skills you need to quickly assemble delicious meals and snacks your family will love!
  • Each session covers a specific food group you’ll be crowding in and teaches you cooking and flavoring techniques.
  • You’ll learn how to flavor balance to make food taste great, create different global tastes to create variety and appeal to even the pickiest of eaters!
  • You’ll learn the easy food planning & shopping skills to save time, reduce stress and make healthy eating easy and enjoyable!
Practice your flavor balancing with this delicious quick dish.


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Session 1

Eat to reduce inflammation and achieve your goals | easy and nutritious snacks

Learn what the experts in the scientific and medical community have to say about eating to support your health and reduce inflammation. Learn how to assemble your plate so you can eat well anywhere. Take action and apply three shifts to reduce inflammation, pull in nutrients, improve energy and reduce cravings.


Session 2

Eat to pull in nutrients | dark leafy greens

Healthy eating is more about what you include than what you take out. You’ll experience how great you can feel when you shift your mindset towards eating to pull in nutrients. You’ll learn how to crowd more healthy foods into your day and get the easy cooking and flavoring skills and recipes to enjoy eating lots of different dark leafy greens.


Session 3

Enjoy eating more Healthy Foods | flavor balancing

We get it, not everyone wants to cook so we’ll teach you how to eat well ANYWHERE. And you’ll discover your inner health chef and enjoy eating more healthy foods when you learn the secrets global chefs use to quickly create flavor. Move beyond recipe cooking as you learn how to balance flavors and create profiles to match the global cuisines you love (Italian, Greek, Mexican, Indian, French etc.). Practice the techniques and use our tools (global flavoring guide and vegetables from A-Z)!


Session 4

Sugar and you | vegetables part one

Learn about the connection between sugar, insulin response, inflammation, belly fat and disease. You’ll practice two key ways to reduce your cravings, feel better, and achieve your goals when you get yourself into better alignment and figure out the right amount for you. Master the fast stove top cooking techniques to get more vegetables into your day (in minutes)!


Session 5

Weekly food planning skills | sweet treats

Learn and practice the fast and easy food planning and shopping skills to save time and set yourself up to eat well daily. Learn how to make easy and delicious healthy sweet treats that your family will love!


Session 6

Right grains for you | whole grain dishes

Learn about the nutrients in whole grains and how to make sure you are actually getting a whole grain product. You’ll figure out how much and which kinds are best for YOU and how to compensate if you are living grain-free or gluten-free. You’ll learn how to cook and flavor all kinds of grain dishes (gluten and gluten-free). 


Session 7

Inflammation and health | vegetables part two

Learn about the connection between inflammation and most of the major conditions and diseases of our time (belly fat, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain, digestive issues etc.). Get relief as you make easy shifts to how you eat and live to reduce it. Master easy ways to cook and flavor vegetables inside your oven so they tastes rich and luscious!


Session 8

Digestion and immunity | delicious bean dishes

Learn how to eat to improve and address your digestive issues so you can get relief, and crowd in the natural sources of fiber, antioxidants and probiotics that your microbiome needs to thrive. We cover beans and why you should consider including them in your diet and how to cook and flavor delicious bean dishes!


Session 9

Right proteins for you | healthy protein dishes

We cover what the science has to say about how much protein you need in your diet. Calculate your amount and learn how to navigate labels and claims and select the plant and animal sources that are right for you. You’ll learn how to cook all kinds of protein (both plant and animal) dishes!


Session 10

The truth about fat | healthy modern sauces

Learn new thinking around why we’re gaining weight and tips to accelerate weight loss and maintain your healthy weight, the fats you should eat more of, less of, and avoid completely, and how to cook and prepare delicious healthy modern sauces to make the healthy foods you want to eat more of taste AMAZING!


Session 11

Key health and eating topics | one-pot meals

Learn what the experts have to say about: new blood pressure guidelines, salt, strong bones, dairy, calcium, soy and artificial sweeteners, and how to cook and flavor easy and delicious one-pot meals!


Session 12

Your “right for me” foods | grilling and broiling

Use our systematic approach to identify which foods are better for you and which you may have a sensitivity to. Use that information to personalize how you eat to reach your goals, and learn how to safely grill and broil healthy and delicious foods!


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