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Join Savory Living® and go through my proven online healthy eating classes and get the inspiration and support to take control of how you eat and feel! I’ll guide you through gradual changes each week as you create a flexible and delicious healthy eating lifestyle that you love - and you’ll learn the skills to eat well anywhere and sustain your new habits for life!

Lasting change requires knowledge, skills, and support. You need to understand the why behind healthy eating, learn how to apply key topics to your life to solve what you care about, and get the easy cooking + flavoring skills to create variety and enjoy eating more of the good stuff. We guide you through easy gradual change each week, putting you in control of how you’re eating and feeling as you discover a healthy eating lifestyle that works for you!


12 sessions = your new lifestyle!


Session 1

Eat to support your health | easy and nutritious snacks

Learn what the experts have to say about eating to support your health and reduce inflammation. Learn about the easy shifts you can make to get your foundation right and learn some quick tips to assemble your plate so you can eat well anywhere.


Session 2

Make healthy foods taste great | flavor balancing

Learn the secret global chefs know about how to flavor balance and simple ways to create a variety of flavors (Mexican, Italian. Asian, Indian, Greek etc.) so you can confidently and quickly create healthy meals and snacks that taste great, and appeal to even the pickiest of eaters (and move beyond recipe cooking!).


Session 3

Eat to pull in nutrients | dark leafy greens

Learn how to eat to pull in the nutrients you need to build a stronger, healthier you and how to cook and flavor TONS of dark leafy greens (rich and efficient source of nutrients) so you enjoy crowding them into your day!


Session 4

Weekly food planning skills | sweet treats

Learn the fast and easy food planning and shopping skills to eat well daily and get delicious and healthy sweet treat ideas and recipes!


Session 5

Sugar and you | vegetables part one

Learn about the connection between sugar and inflammation, how to figure out the right amount for you, tips for how to eat to reduce your sugar cravings, and get four fast cooking techniques and recipes to get more vegetables into your day!


Session 6

Right grains for you | whole grain dishes

Learn about the nutrients in whole grains, how to figure out how much and which kinds are best for you, how to eat and live well gluten-free, and how to cook and flavor delicious whole grain (with gluten and without) dishes!


Session 7

Inflammation and health | vegetables part two

Learn about how to eat and live to reduce inflammation and feel better, and how to crowd in tons of vegetables and multiple ways to quickly cook and flavor to make them rich and sweet!


Session 8

Digestion and immunity | delicious bean dishes

Learn how to eat to improve and address your digestive issues so you can get relief, and crowd in the natural sources of fiber, antioxidants and probiotics that your microbiome needs to thrive. We cover beans and why you should consider including them in your diet and how to cook and flavor delicious bean dishes!


Session 9

Right proteins for you | healthy protein dishes

We cover what the science has to say about how much protein you need in your diet. Calculate your amount and learn how to navigate labels and claims and select the plant and animal sources that are right for you. You'll learn how to cook all kinds of protein (both plant and animal) dishes!


Session 10

The truth about fat | healthy modern sauces

Learn new thinking around why we’re gaining weight and tips to accelerate weight loss and maintain your healthy weight, the fats you should eat more of, less of, and avoid completely, and how to cook and prepare delicious healthy modern sauces to make the healthy foods you want to eat more of taste AMAZING!


Session 11

Key health and eating topics | one-pot meals

Learn what the experts have to say about: new blood pressure guidelines, salt, strong bones, dairy, calcium, soy and artificial sweeteners, and how to cook and flavor easy and delicious one-pot meals!


Session 12

Your “right for me” foods | grilling and broiling

Use our systematic approach to identify which foods are better for you and which you may have a sensitivity to. Use that information to personalize how you eat to reach your goals, and learn how to safely grill and broil healthy and delicious foods!


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