Learn how to eat healthy for YOU, on your own schedule.

It’s a nutrition and healthy cooking class + private, online nutrition coach that’s available online, on-demand.

In 12 sessions you’ll make easy gradual change as you create new healthy eating habits that achieve your goals and fit your tastes and lifestyle.

  • Set and achieve your goals

  • Less than an hour per week

  • Includes online nutritionist

  • Nutrition program + healthy cooking skills

  • Self-paced, runs 24x7, on any device

  • FSA & HSA eligible


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Our Nutrition Program and Content

You got this.

Work with your nutrition coach session-by-session to stay motivated, get help to eat healthy, tackle challenges and reach your goals.

Learn how to use healthy, anti-inflammatory eating to:

  • Achieve healthy weight loss

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Manage digestive issues

  • Gain energy

  • Solve for food sensitivities and chronic conditions


95% Satisfaction Rate

I finished the program and I have continued to lose weight. I am down 25 lbs! What I didn’t know is the healthy foods I was eating were not healthy for me! Now I know what I can and cannot eat and this knowledge is power. For the first time in a LONG time I am in control of my healthy and my appearance. Best news of all - I am finally free of the nagging headaches I have had for the past 37 years.

—Stefanie T