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Supercharge your STAR and NCQA
Ratings with a “Food as Medicine”
supplemental benefit

The anti-inflammatory healthy eating & cooking lifestyle program
Drive plan selection. Improve outcomes. Boost your member satisfaction scores.

Innovative healthcare providers rely on our healthy eating behavior change program to reduce risk, improve outcomes and quantify the ROI of “Food as Medicine.”

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Overall rating from 263 1st-party reviews
4.8/5 stars
High Net Promoter Score

How do insurance providers win with Savory Living?


Drive Plan Sign Ups

Meet consumer demand for anti-inflammatory eating programs (over 150,000 Google searches per month).


Improve Member Satisfaction & Outcomes

Give your members an enjoyable way to take control of how they eat and feel. Our program delivers:

  • 4.8 out of 5 star rating, NPS: 80
  • 95% appreciate plan offers the program
  • 94% Diet Quality Score (measure connected to outcomes & cost savings)
  • 92% health improvements
  • 95% take control of health & how they feel
  • 97% sustainable approach still practicing

Drive Plan Performance and Compensation

Boost your STAR and NCQA ratings with high member satisfaction scores and HEDIS improvements with key populations

anti inflammatory foods


Our online program will guide you step-by-step to apply the power of evidence-based healthy eating to reduce inflammation and take control of how you feel. You’ll discover how to eat right for YOU and turn it into an easy and delicious lifestyle that you love!

  • Use food as medicine – set and achieve YOUR health goals
  • Personalized to you. Includes a nutrition coach
  • Unique approach: improve diet quality score + healthy cooking + behavior change
  • 12 sessions – runs online, on your schedule, on any device
  • FSA & HSA eligible
  • Reimbursable nutrition & weight loss program

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