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Ready to eat to gain energy, kiss belly fat, inflammation, digestive issues, headaches and joint pain goodbye?

Want to learn how to quickly cook and flavor TONS of healthy foods?

Looking for an easy way to make change and create new healthy eating habits that stick?


Lifestyle change = a different approach.

You can eat and feel so much better. You just need to learn HOW to do it. Like reading and driving, healthy eating is a skill you learn. It requires education, practice and support. My 12 session healthy eating experience will inspire, empower and guide you through easy gradual change as you learn the "why" behind healthy anti-inflammatory eating and apply it to your life to solve what you care about. You'll discover how to eat right for you, create new behaviors, and learn the flavoring skills to turn it into a delicious lifestyle that you love!


You got this. I’ll show you how.

My mission is to make 1 million lives better - starting with yours! I lived with debilitating digestive issues, migraines and a life-threatening lung disease and transformed my health and life with food.

The evidence and guidance around healthy eating is clear. The hard part is making it happen in our busy modern lives. And let’s face it - it can be hard to know where to start and how to break it down into manageable actions that translate into you eating better and feeling awesome every day. And it needs to taste GREAT - or why even bother?!

Building on evidence-based healthy eating guidance and 20+ years as a behavior change expert, I created Savory Living to guide you through that change - teaching you the why behind healthy anti-inflammatory eating, helping you figure out what works best for you, and showing you how to crowd in, flavor and cook TONS of delicious healthy foods!

Join me. Take control of how you eat and feel. Together we’ll create a personalized healthy eating lifestyle that you love! I promise.


– Mom and Founder


Take control of how you eat and feel.

Personalized healthy eating lifestyle behavior change program

Unique nutrition & cooking curriculum + personal coach

Self-paced, runs online, on-demand, on any device

Pay as you go, stop at anytime

FSA & HSA eligible, reimbursable online nutrition program

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95% say it works.


Join the thousands who’ve used the program to activate the power of healthy anti-inflammatory eating and create lasting change that sticks. I’ll guide you through easy gradual change and support you every step of the way. Spend less than an hour a week to learn how to eat right for you and get the fast and easy food + cooking skills and private coaching support to turn it into a flexible and delicious lifestyle that you love!



Barbara A

Barbara A

Healthy Cooking

Chris B

Chris B

Migraines & Joint Pain

Stephanie T

Stephanie T

Energy & Digestive Issues

Xolani M

Xolani M


“The approach and platform is amazing and allows me to reach results I never would have achieved on my own. I have a flat belly and my energy levels are incredible! I've learned new ways to cook healthy foods and the recipes are outstanding!” - Ricardo D.


“My husband and I watched our first Savory Living session together and we were both in awe! The way Sue presents the information, paces you through the program, and the personal connection really sets it apart! I now think about food as the key to life and not something to battle with. I identified that I don’t do well with gluten and dairy and I am loving how I’m eating and living! The program and coaching is exceptional!” - Gavin A.


“This program is phenomenal. It is real eating and enjoyable! I've tried other programs and they don't compare. I feel like a new person! The recipes are easy and absolutely delicious. I've tried new foods and enjoy cooking again! I have energy I didn't have before, I've lost weight (15 lbs) and I have less pain and inflammation.” – Georgette S.


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