Feed yourself well.
Enjoy delicious healthy foods.
Create new habits that stick.


Learn. Apply. Solve.

In 12 sessions you’ll learn how to activate healthy eating to solve what you care most about (lose belly fat, feel better, gain energy, reduce sugar cravings, digestive issues, headaches, joint pain, inflammation etc.) and get the food skills to turn it into a lifestyle you love. We guide you through easy gradual change and support you every step of the way.



1. Watch Class

Spend less than 25 minutes to get inspired as Sue teaches you about a key healthy eating topic and shows you how to apply it to your life to sole what you care most about!


2. Try New Foods

Pick up easy food skills to try a variety of new healthy foods each week and see which ones you like! Join Sue in her kitchen to learn fast and easy ways to cook and flavor healthy foods to avoid getting bored and appeal to even the pickiest of eaters!


3. Take Action

Pick three actions and make easy gradual change. Enjoy eating as you crowd in delicious healthy foods, embrace your inner health foodie, and figure out what works best for you!


4. Get Support

Chat with your personal coach who provides suggestions, answers questions, and helps you stay on track, solve it and achieve your goals.


How The Nutrition Part Works

  • Gradually shift how you eat to line up with Harvard's Healthy Eating plate.

  • Sue teaches you the why behind the science and shows you how to apply it to your life to make healthy eating happen and solve what you care about most.

  • Learn about key topics like: healthy weight loss, reducing inflammation, managing digestive issues, gaining energy, food sensitivities, strong bones, reducing sugar cravings, and healthy blood pressure. And get personal to figure out how much grains, protein, dairy, sugar and fats is right for you and the kinds you do better with. We’ll also help you identify your harder to digest foods and see if eating less of them reduces inflammation in your system and improves how you feel.


How The Cooking Part Works

  • Join Sue in her kitchen to get inspired and release your inner health chef! Learn all the fast and easy healthy cooking skills you need to move beyond recipe cooking, and quickly assemble delicious meals and snacks.

  • Learn the time-saving tips and simple flavoring techniques to create variety, appeal to picky eaters, and enjoy eating more of the good stuff.

  • You’ll learn how to cook TONS of healthy foods like: dark leafy greens, all kinds of vegetables, whole grain dishes (gluten and gluten-free), beans and lentils, plant and animal proteins, healthy sauces, fast one-pot meals, sweet treats, weekly food planning, safe grilling and more!

Practice your flavor balancing with this delicious quick dish.

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