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"Food as Medicine - Eat to Reduce Inflammation and Feel GREAT!" Series

#1 - Create Your Eat Well 2021 Plan!

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Ready to take control of how you eat and feel in 2021? Want to activate healthy eating to reduce inflammation to get to your ideal weight, gain energy, feel great and get relief from things like headaches, joint pain and digestive issues? Watch this 30-minute video as Sue Levy, the founder of Savory Living, helps you use “food as medicine” to create a healthy eating plan that works for you! You’ll set your goals and leave with the breakfast, lunch and snack ideas you need to kickstart your healthy eating lifestyle!

Dark Green & Berry Smoothie

Greens pair beautifully with fruits (and don’t forget the protein). A green smoothie is a fast (takes 2 minutes) and easy way to “crowd” one of the most nutrient-rich foods into your day.  Learn how to assemble a yummy berry and green smoothie. Use the “Green Smoothies for Breakfast” sheet and get blending!

#2 - Reduce Inflammation - Eat MORE of THESE Foods!

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Even in the world of healthy foods, it’s not all the same! You want to move yourself to a place of imbalance, where you eat more of some foods and less of others. Watch this video as Sue Levy, the founder of Savory Living, shows you the foods you want to crowd into your day to help you reduce inflammation and feel great.


Learn how to create delicious vinaigrettes – they are one of the best tools you have to add flavor to salads, grain and bean dishes, and vegetables.  And they’re also delicious marinades for chicken, beef and seafood.  Once you get the formula down – you can make vinaigrettes in minutes, flavor them to match the type of global cuisine you’re in the mood for, and kiss recipes and measuring spoons goodbye!

Collard Green Ribbons

We’re serious about our dark leafy greens! This video will show you how to prepare one of the most nutrient-rich foods you can eat. Learn how to pre-cook hearty greens to reduce their bitterness and create a soft, luscious texture. Then flavor them to match the global cuisine you’re in the mood for. Here we take them Spanish-style with an American twist!

Kale Chips

Create a crunchy and nutrient-rich snack that your family will love. Watch this video and learn the technique and some flavoring secrets. We love to make a batch in the morning and eat them throughout the day. Yum!

Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

We love our fennel. It’s a delicious root vegetable with unexpected flavor (think mild licorice). Roast to bring out its deep, concentrated, sweet flavor. It pairs beautifully with orange and feta. Learn how to assemble a quick and delicious bean salad in minutes.

Beans for Breakfast

Yes! We’re serious. Beans at breakfast. It’s a great way to crowd them into your day. Beans are packed with fiber and nutrients, are a low glycemic load food and will keep you full and satisfied. Sauté in a pan with your favorite vegetables. Or short on time? Skip the pan – open a BPA free can, rinse and strain, throw into a bowl, add a splash of rice vinegar, some cut up avocado, and a fried egg (optional) and you’ve got a great start to your day!

sue levy - savory living founder healthy eating expert


My mission is to make 1 million lives better – starting with yours! 

I live with a rare and life-threatening lung disease (LAM), and suffered from debilitating digestive issues. I transformed my health and life by activating a healthy anti inflammatory diet. 

Building on evidence-based healthy eating guidance and 20 years as a behavior change expert, I created Savory Living to put power of healthy eating in your hands. 

Demand more. You’re eating anyway, why not get it to work better for you?

We’ve all read the healthy eating articles and tried the diets, recipes, meal kits and menus. The challenge is that there isn’t one way to “eat healthy” and it can be hard to figure out what’s actually right for you.

It’s difficult to know where to start and how to break it down into manageable actions that translate into you eating better and feeling awesome every day. And it needs to taste GREAT – or why even bother?!

Join me. In 12 sessions I’ll empower you take control and improve your life with food! We’ll get personal to help you get an anti inflammatory diet to work for YOU.  You’ll get new skills, create healthy eating habits that stick, stay on track and turn it into a delicious lifestyle that you love.

Together we’ll get your eating working right for you. I promise.

sue levy - anti inflammatory eating expert

– Sue Levy. Founder

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