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The medical and scientific evidence is clear. Make healthy eating happen and you can lose weight, improve energy, manage conditions and get relief. See how others say they’ve used Savory Living® to learn how to eat healthy for THEM and turn it into a flexible lifestyle they love!



“Program motivated and taught me how to eat better.”



“Got me to a healthy eating lifestyle that I’m still practicing.”



“Program helped me to improve my overall health.”



“I am an Internal Medicine physician who just completed the program. It was a terrific experience and one I recommend to ALL of my patients.The approach is balanced, doable, and firmly based in science. The changes I have made have positively impacted my life. I have more energy, my cravings have changed, and I am taking better care of myself all around. This is a wonderfully sustainable model because there is no sense of deprivation. The recipes are delicious – flavorful and satisfying – and I am walking away with a great deal more knowledge and many practical skills so I can continue to implement all that I have learned.” – Annie Brewster, MD

“I have a long history of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. After developing muscle discomfort (while on a statin), my doctor advised me to get off the drug and change my eating habits. I signed up for Savory Living and learned how to eat to successfully lower my blood pressure and my cholesterol. And I also learned that healthy foods can actually taste good!”Toby R.


“This is an incredible program – I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about the science of nutrition, and how to form a plan that works for you. I’ve successfully incorporated the program shifts into my life – and I truly FEEL better! It’s amazing what a huge impact nutrition can have on your life.” – Cara L.

“I’ve had eating and weight issues my entire life. I’ve tried other programs like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, with some success, but I never had the ‘aha’ moments I had with the Savory Living program. What is so different is that it focuses on your health (not just losing weight) and it shares scientific information in a way that’s understandable, logical and actionable. The information sticks in your head so it’s easy to make good choices. Not only am I taking off weight (16 lbs), but I feel better, have more energy, sleep better, and know I can sustain the lifestyle changes the program taught me.” – Helen O.

“In the last 5 years, I hadn’t been able to lose even 1 lb. I had frequent migraines and always had stomach issues even thought I was a healthy eater. After changing my eating habits, I have not had one migraine in an ENTIRE year, my stomach issues are gone and I sleep so much better. In addition, I lost 20 pounds, kept it off and feel great! This program really is life changing!" - Liz S.

“I have a long history of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. After developing muscle discomfort (while on a statin), my doctor advised me to get off the drug and change my eating habits. I signed up for Savory Living and learned how to eat to successfully lower my blood pressure and my cholesterol. And I also learned that healthy foods can actually taste good!” – Toby R.

“I learned what to eat more of, what to eat less of, and what to avoid. No calorie counting, just good eating, and never hungry. I lost 20 lbs, 3” off my waist and I am walking better too. I have lost another 2.5 lbs and I will continue with my new lifestyle for life! Thank you for teaching me what I needed to live a healthier, more energetic life!” – Doreen H.

“In January of this year my doctor called me in and told me that my A1C was extremely high and that I would have to go on pills to control the diabetes. My life changed not for the good at that point. My blood chemistry numbers were close to heart attack and that probably would have been the least of my medical issues. Then I joined the Savory Living program. I believe that the information, guidance, encouragement and techniques are responsible for the following:

Weight down 27 lbs. Triglycerides from over 800 to 152. Cholesterol from 318 to 138. A1C from 6.8 to 6.0 – that really makes the doctors thrilled.

I have accomplished this while eating out 5 nights a week – Savory Living taught me how to make better choices.” – Lester G.

Update: “It is now two years since I completed the program and I am down 60 lbs and not on any medication to manage my diabetes and high cholesterol, and my A1C is 5.7. And I love how I’m eating.” – Lester G.

“I find myself feeling like I now know the secret to health and vitality and weight loss.The combination of the nutrition, coaching, and cooking is what makes this an achievable life-long change in my diet. What I didn’t know is the healthy foods I was eating were not healthy for me! Now I know what I can and cannot eat and this knowledge is power. For the first time in a LONG time I am in control of my health and my appearance. Best news of all – I am finally free of the nagging migraine headaches I have had for the past 37 years. And It is now 3 months since I finished the program and I have continued to lose weight. I am down 25 lbs!” – Stefanie T.

“A complete 180 with regard to how I feel physically. I am no longer experiencing acid reflux – I don’t have to take any medication (was taking it daily). My daily sugar numbers have markedly reduced. My fasting sugar was down to ‘normal’ – it hasn’t been that way for years. My A1C at the program start was 8.2, now it’s 5.8!” – Marion R.

“I was at my wits’ end when I found Savory Living. I spent years unsuccessfully trying to figure out how to get relief from my multiple stomach issues. This program changed my life! I’ve never felt better! I lost 15 lbs, my blood pressure is lower, and my cholesterol numbers have dropped 33 points! My goals were met in just three months – success! Thank you so much – I could not have done it without you!” – Marilyn L.

Update: “It’s now been 3 months since I completed the program and my weight is down 25 lbs and I am no longer on my blood pressure medication!” – Marilyn L.

“I live with Multiple Sclerosis, and work many hours without a lot of time for cooking. I never had realized how heavy my food choices were making me feel. Now I feel great physically, eat well daily, and am equipped to sustain these habits!” – Richard T.

“I was hitting menopause and still carrying around an extra 25 lbs that I just never could seem to shed. I was eating pretty well, but can’t stand to diet, and I knew that I really want the next 20-30 years to be good, healthy years. This program has been a life-changer! It has given me a whole new perspective and approach to food. Even though I’m not dieting, I’m losing weight without being hungry all the time and my energy level is up. I’ve learned healthy cooking techniques that are fast, simple, and delicious so that I can incorporate it into my busy schedule. The food is so delicious that my family loves it and I’m excited that I lost that 25+ lbs that I just assumed would be with me forever! I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone who is trying to become healthier!” – Virginia B.


“I recommend this to anyone who thinks eating healthier is hard, unpleasant, or takes too much time. What I love is this isn’t a diet! It’s about making gradual changes that are easy to do. Savory Living SIMPLIFIES healthy eating! Each week another topic is introduced with recipes and videos to help you incorporate it into your life. I have the support of my personal coach when I need it and I can slow down the program if I need to. It helps you figure out eating right once and for all!” – Jennifer N.

“I needed to lose weight – but like the hundred other times I have tried to make positive changes, I felt like the time wasn’t right (too busy, too difficult to figure out what I am supposed to do). I was surprised to learn that I just had to listen to a class a week and try to do just three things out of a list of several options. It wasn’t about deprivation and the usual ‘how you lose weight’ stuff. It is all about applying the science of how to eat to your life. I get to eat what I like and my family was eating better because I was eating better. I started sleeping better and was less tired during the day. I lost 13 pounds – and even better is that I have learned how to eat better and know that I will continue to eat this way for the rest of my life. Since the program ended, I have continued to lose weight and I have lost almost 30 lbs.” – Lisa S.

“I was amazed at what I learned about the foods I was eating. I learned how to make better eating decisions when I eat out. I never felt like I was ‘on a diet.’ The videos were great – Sue is very energetic and dynamic and got me excited to try these changes and recipes. I’ve learned daily life changes that will help me live a happier, healthier life!” – Richard B.

“I am interested in nutrition and try to stay up to date on the latest thinking and health recommendations, but the sheer volume of information out there is overwhelming. The Savory Living program was great. It presented a ton of nutritional information and cooking concepts in a well-organized manner. It changed the way I think about food, how I eat, and what I’m eating!” – Brenda S.


“As a self-proclaimed ‘foodie’, I can’t speak highly enough about this program. What makes it so unique is that you not only learn the science of nutrition but you learn how to cook and enjoy eating new healthy foods!” – Barbara A.

“If you are looking to make healthy-eating delicious and easy, take this course. The program literally changed the way I cook for my family. No matter what type of food you like, you learn how to create the flavor profile to satisfy your craving! I can make kale and quinoa feel like an appetizing Italian meal, and kelp noodles, raw cashews and red pepper taste like pad thai! I have tried gluten-free diets, dairy-free diets, and no-carb diets, but nothing helped me understand and improve my overall health like this course.” – Rachel D.

“I had been focused on what I couldn’t eat because of my allergies and celiac disease, and eating felt so restrictive. The program opened my eyes to all the amazing food I could have, and how delicious and nutritious ‘gluten free’ could be. I immediately noticed I had more energy, felt better mentally, and in the process of all this healthy eating I lost 15 lbs and dropped two clothing sizes. But the best part is that I feel free of the restrictions of eating gluten free!” – Kathy K.

“I could go on and on about the Savory Living program, but suffice it to say, I got research-based information about healthful eating and I expanded greatly my eating and cooking repertoire. I learned how to prepare delicious healthy foods, and how to make lots of good choices easily accessible all the time for me AND my kids. I took the class last winter into spring, and I am still using the principles I learned. That is the most amazing part. It actually changed my life, seamlessly. Seriously, I cannot recommend this program highly enough!” – Lisa G.

A disclaimer: Testimonials appearing on this site reflect the real-life experiences of those who have been through our program. However, these results are individual, may not be typical, and may vary. We do not claim that all participants will achieve the same results from our program.


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