My mission is to make 1 million lives better with the power of food. I lived with debilitating digestive issues, migraines and a life-threatening lung disease. I transformed my health and life with food.

Demand more. You’re eating anyway, why not get it working better? We’ve all read the healthy eating articles and tried the diets, recipes, meal kits and menus. They helped, but weren’t sustainable. Here’s why:

To create lasting change you need to understand and apply key healthy eating principles to your life to solve ALL of your needs (weight, health, energy, digestive, joint pain, lifestyle fit, food sensitivities etc.). You need to feel the real difference it makes. And you need to master the time-saving food skills, and get personal support to create new habits that stick.

Building on evidence-based healthy eating guidance and 20+ years as a behavior change expert & natural foods chef I created Savory Living.

Join me. Take control. In 12 sessions we’ll help you make easy change as you turn eating right for you into a delicious lifestyle that you love! I promise.


– Sue Levy. Mom and Founder