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My online program will teach you how to activate healthy eating to reduce inflammation and solve what you care most about. We guide you through easy gradual change as you learn, take action, and figure out how foods work inside your body. You’ll create a personalized healthy eating plan that reduces inflammation, achieves your goals, and fits your tastes and lifestyle. You’ll learn the easy food assembling, cooking and flavoring skills to enjoy a variety of flavors and eat well anywhere!

1. Get Inspired

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  • Get inspired to take action as you learn the why and how behind key healthy eating topics
  • Watch the session video

2. Master the Food Skills

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  • Discover new foods and time saving tips
  • Watch the session cooking videos & try the recipes

3. Take Action

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  • See what works & create new habits
  • Spend two weeks making easy gradual change & practicing new skills

4. Work With Your Coach

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  • Work with your nutrition coach session-by-session to stay motivated, get help, tackle challenges and reach your goals
  • Log how you eat and feel
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  • Learn how to activate an anti inflammatory diet to solve what you care about (healthy weight loss, reducing inflammation, managing digestive issues, gaining energy, food sensitivities, strong bones, sugar, chronic conditions etc.).
  • We teach evidence-based healthy eating recommendations from the scientific and medical community and major health organizations (Harvard School of Public Health, Dash Diet, Mediterranean Diet, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, American Cancer Society).
  • Each session covers a key topic and shows you how to apply it to your life.
  • Work with your nutrition coach session-by-session to stay motivated, get help to eat healthy, tackle challenges and reach your goals.


  • Join Sue to get inspired and boost your healthy cooking confidence!
  • Each session covers a specific food group you’ll be crowding in and teaches you cooking and flavoring techniques.
  • Learn all the fast and easy healthy cooking skills you need to quickly assemble delicious meals and snacks, and move beyond recipe cooking.
  • Learn how to flavor balance to make food taste great, create different global tastes to create variety and avoid getting bored.
  • Master the food planning & shopping skills to save time, reduce stress and make better choices.
Practice your flavor balancing with this delicious quick dish.


Activate the power of an anti inflammatory diet!

Designed for all eaters and skill levels

Personalized to you and includes a private nutrition coach

Self-paced, runs 24X7, on any device

FSA & HSA eligible – learn more >

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