Includes Everything

$ 11
  • Eat to reduce inflammation & achieve your goals
  • Includes a nutrition coach
  • Proven 12 session nutrition & cooking curriculum
  • Pay as you go, stop anytime
  • Self-paced, runs 24x7, on any device
  • FSA & HSA eligible
  • Reimbursable nutrition program

Billed monthly. No contracts. Easy to cancel (with a click).

Savory Living is for people who want to take control of how they eat and feel. It’s an online healthy eating lifestyle program that guides you through easy gradual change as you learn how to eat right for you, master the time-saving food & flavoring skills, and get the personal coaching support to stay on track and turn healthy eating into a lifestyle you love. 

In less than an hour a week you’ll learn the why behind the science and apply healthy eating principles to your life. You’ll learn the time-saving flavoring skills to make it taste great. And you’ll get the one-on-one coaching support to stay on track and achieve your goals. 

The full program is 12 sessions and takes 6 months to complete. You pay as you go and can stop at anytime. Each session takes two weeks to complete (research found that was the ideal amount of time for participants to master the session’s content & skills and create new habits that stick). The program sends you reminders to stay on track and you can take longer if you need it.

We believe everyone should be empowered to take control and improve their life with food. Unlike typical diet programs (Noom®, Weight Watchers®, Precision Nutrition®, Whole 30®), we get personal to help you solve more than weight loss. We don’t rely on points, restrictive food lists, one-off recipes, or shakes and food. You need to learn how to do this yourself. Our unique 12-session lifestyle change program puts you in control by teaching you evidence-based nutrition principles and easy cooking & flavoring skills, and shows you how to apply them to your life to solve what you care most about. We guide you through easy gradual change helping you stay on track so you can discover what works for you, enjoy eating TONS of healthy foods, and feel confident that you know how to eat well anywhere. 

Experience the full 12 sessions and you will have what you need to eat right for you for life. You are DONE with us! But you have the option to subscribe to our monthly support program (for graduates).

Sign up and start whenever you’d like. Fill in our survey so we can customize the program for you. We send you reminders to watch each session and check in to see how you’re doing and help you stay on track and master each session’s content. 

The program runs on your schedule (online, on-demand, on any device). Our web app + personal coach guides you through our proven curriculum and experience. 

There are 12 sessions and a new one is unlocked every two weeks. You’ll learn about a key healthy eating principle and related cooking skill, get inspired, pick three actions, and spend two weeks creating new habits. 

Your coach checks in through the app (sends you messages and responds to your questions) and helps you tinker to get it right for you. 

You can slow the program down and stop at anytime. After the 12 sessions you are DONE and have solved it! But if you’d like to continue you can sign up for our monthly support offering (for program graduates).

Great question. 95% of our participants say they got what they needed to take control and create a personalized, sustainable healthy eating lifestyle that works for them. But we know you’ve been burned before. So try the first session as our guest (for free) and see what you think.

We keep it simple. One low price for everything, and that price includes personal coaching and live online meet-up sessions. No contracts, hidden sign-up fees, or add-on charges. The program includes 12 sessions and each takes two weeks to complete. The day you sign up becomes your billing cycle date. You are billed monthly until you finish all 12 sessions or cancel. You can cancel at anytime.

Sign up and get started. Experience the first session for free as our guest. Each session takes two weeks – so you’ll have two weeks to try it out (watch class, pick actions and work with your coach) After the two weeks are up you choose if you want to experience the full program.

You got it. We’d love to answer any questions and help you decide if the program is right for you. Call us anytime (well, maybe not anytime, we do need to sleep) at 617.651.1221, send us an email, or schedule a call with Sue.


We get it. You’ve been burned before. We can tell you how different our healthy eating lifestyle program is. But you really need to experience it to get it.

Spend two weeks with us. You decide if you want to continue.